Saplunara (Mljet)

Saplunara is a pleasant, well sheltered bay on the southwest corner of Mljet Island. Its excellent beach and wooded backdrop makes it popular with charter yachts.

Saplunara: The sandy beach is popular with charter yachts

Saplunara: The sandy beach is popular with charter yachts

Once upon a time this was a bit of a backwater but times are changing here and now there are several restaurants, each with their associated buoy fields.

The “village” doesn’t have much going for it in the way of structure or appeal; the pretty tree-lined bay is the draw card here. It has a lovely sandy beach, with or without sun loungers, and there a plenty of pleasant walks in the vicinity.

This a popular overnight stop for bareboats and flotillas so it can become quite lively at times. Some of the restaurants tout harder than others but at the end of the day it is up to you which buoy you want to pick up or whether you prefer to anchor.

Unfortunately the buoys are located in some of the shallower sandy patches so if you want to anchor your best bet is to try the northwest side of the bay.

Saplunara: Yachts on mooring buoys

Saplunara: Yachts on mooring buoys

Unfortunately part of the island to the east of Saplunara is military and therefore off limits, as can be the peninsula to the south of the bay when bigwigs are in residence at the villa on the seaward side. Security guards will make sure you don’t stray into the wrong areas!

A wander along the road north will bring you the bay of Podskolj (and another restaurant) and also the start of a track up to a cross located on a high point with excellent views out over the islands.

The trail continues on to a church ruin (you will need a lot of imagination here!) and possibly on to the site of an old roman villa. I say possibly here, as I have literally walked for miles and still not found it!

In Saplunara you will find a little shop where you can buy bread and other essentials or if you prefer you can order bread and croissants from the restaurants for the following morning’s breakfast.

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