Okuklje (Mljet)

Okuklje itself is not spectacular, rather, it is small, quiet and friendly. But the number and variety of restaurants make up for the lack of grand mansions and fancy nightlife, making it a great place to chill out on your yacht charter.

Okuklje: Charter yachts on the quay - it could be you!

Okuklje: Charter yachts on the quay – it could be you!

It reminds me of Turkey – the quays are owned by the restaurants. As soon as your yacht is within hailing distance, the various restaurants begin to vie for your attention.

This can be very overwhelming but luckily everywhere in the bay is well sheltered and the restaurants of a good standard so go with the pontoon or quayside that appeals to you the most.

Most of the proprietors have equipped their quays with lazy lines and someone is on hand to help you in.

This bay is popular with flotillas and bareboats charters so please try and allow others time to get things sorted out on the quay before approaching in your own yacht. The restaurant owners will thank you for your patience!

There are a few buoys dotted about which are owned by various restaurants. To whom they belong will become abundantly clear when they start waving frantically at you.

You can also anchor here but space is limited.

Provisions are very limited here and it pays to order your bread the night before. Water is also limited, as it is elsewhere on Mljet, so if you can make do without topping up, all the better.

There is a nice walk up to the church on the west side which gives excellent views down into the bay. Ideal for getting your appetite up before dinner.

Okuklje for Peka

Okuklje is a good place to try Peka, a traditional Dalmation dish. It is usually offered in the form of octopus or meat (sometimes young goat, which is definitely the sort of goat you want)! The meal is cooked “under a bell” (rather like a tagine) with potatoes and/or vegetables. To try this dish you must order it two hours in advance and they will usually only make it for two or more people.

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