Skradin / Krka River / Krk National Park

Skradin: Waterfalls in the Krka National Park

Skradin: The waterfalls in the Krka National Park

It’s worth a visit to Skradin just to sail up the river, but once there, a trip in to the Krk National Park is a must. After mooring your yacht, a short ferry boat ride takes you to the park entrance from where you can walk up to the first of 7 waterfalls which total some 240 metres in height.

You can take a swim in the cool waters at the foot of the falls, or wander further in to the park, heading up the lush canyon. You probably won’t have time to see it all but it’s certainly worth giving yourself at least a couple of hours to explore before catching the ferry back to the marina.

Skradin: The Krka River provides an interesting sail

Skradin: The Krka River provides an interesting sail

Admission charges for the park for 2013 are 95 kuna (about £11) for Adults and 80 kuna for under 14’s. Under 7’s are free.  These prices are for June to September – it’s a little cheaper at other times. The Park has it’s own website: Note you are not allowed to take your yacht up to the falls.

Skradin itself is fairly unremarkable though not unpleasant. I’m always surprised how few restaurants there are but you won’t go hungry.  Basic provisions are available from the grocers, bakery and butcher, and a medical centre, bank and ATM cover most of your other likely needs.


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