Piskera / Panitula Vela

Piskera is a small uninhabited island in the Kornati archipelago, inside the National Park. The Kornati Park is the high spot of many Croatia yacht charters.

Bizarrely, Piskela Marina isn’t actually on Piskera but on the adjacent island of Panitula Vela. No matter, the latter is also a small uninhabited island so you won’t miss anything!

The islands were an important fishing centre in earlier times. Remains of breakwaters dating back to the 12th century have been found. In Venetian times, Piskera was the collection point for taxes on fishing catches.

Today, other than a couple of fishermens huts, the only buildings are those of the Marina. Both islands are pretty barren – you’ll find much greener spots elsewhere in the Park. It’s a nice setting and a walk up the hill from the marina is rewarded with good views, especially at sunset.

Otherwise, the 150 berth marina is the only attraction (and provides the entertainment if there are strong winds from the south). It’s a fairly basic affair – showers, a shop, and a bar/restaurant which gets good reports. Whether you think a pontoon and restaurant make it worth sharing your deserted island with up to 149 other yacht crews I leave to you. Those seeking somewhere quieter might want to try Uvala Opat, Luka Telascica or find an anchorage.

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