The small green island of Kaprije is named after the capers that once formed the mainstay of the economy. The island is car free so it’s wonderfully peaceful.

The population numbers only about 150. Most live in the only the only village, also called Kaprije. In addition to the capers, the island has relied on fishing, grape cultivation and olive growing, supplement more recently by tourism, particularly yachtsmen. Hence there’s a remarkable number of restaurants per head of population!

Kaprije has been inhabited since at least the 14th century and two centuries later became a refuge for those fleeing the Turks on the mainland. The church still standing date back to this time.

The village boasts a sandy beach with a number of other pebbly coves if you want to try to find a place to yourself.

There’s a mini market with plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Fresh bread arrives on the quay most mornings. There’s a post office and a first aid post, a few bars and the aforementioned restaurants and that’s about it. All in all, it’s a tranquil place to pass a night during your yacht charter.

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