Telascica (Dugi Otok)

Take a therapeutic swim in a salt lake, relax on the many beaches or explore the rich flora and fauna of this National Park. Only the most ardent urbanites will fail to love Telescica Bay.

The narrow but 4nm long inlet at the south end of Dugi Otok has around 25 smaller bays around its edges. There are also half a dozen islands. Once part of the Kornati Park, this area is now a National Park in its own right.

Telascica: View looking north west up the bay

Telascica: View looking north west up the bay

On the north east side, the scenery is barren, typical of the north Dalmation area. The south west side, by contrast, is a lush green, familiar to those who’ve sailed through central Dalmatia. On this side the Mir Salt Lake, around 1nm long offers a warm swim.

Beaches vary from sand to stone and those with sharp eyes may see the semi feral donkeys and moufflon wild sheep that roam the area. A number of ruins also dot the park.

There’s a great variety of plant life both above and below the water, including rare corals and sponges. To minimise damage, visitors are strongly encouraged to use one of the many mooring buoys, rather than anchoring.

The park has it’s own dedicated website, which provides much information about what to see, as well as details of research projects in progress. I would particularly suggest you read the notes for yachtsmen there (under the Visitors Info menu).

There are a few restaurants around the bay, on the island Katina, and in the Mala Proversa, Mir and Magrovica bays. However, nature prevails so for anything else, you’ll need to head in to Sali.

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