Zaton is a small fishing and farming town. It lies at the north west end of Sibenik Bay, about 4nm from Sibenik itself.

Zaton: The town from the sea

Zaton: The town from the sea

The village nestles at the foot of the Rastovac, Križeva Glava and Glavica Hills. There is a small charter base offering flotillas, bareboat charters and learn to sail courses.

Traditional stone buildings surround the natural harbour with pleasant walks along both sides of the inlet. Vineyards, fig plantations, olive groves and cherry trees behind the town supply the local produce market, and there is also a fish market.

Zaton is a nationally renowned rowing centre, which has also encouraged a number of other water sports operators to set up shop.

Zaton has existed since at least the 15th century, though burial grounds found nearby dating from the 6th century BC suggest it may be much older. Its population is still only just over 1000 (tourists excluded)! and it’s a sleepy place. So whilst you’ll find all the basic provisions and a number of decent restaurants, those seeking more exciting entertainment will head in to the nearby towns of Sibenik or Vodice.

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