Sali (Dugi Otic)

Home of the world famous (?) annual donkey races, Sali was named for its salt production in medieval times.

Sali: A bay nearby

Sali: A bay nearby

Today, fishing, olives and holiday makers are the main earners though as the largest village (population under 2000) on the island of Dugi Otok, it also serves as its administrative centre.

If you fancy a swim, there’s a gravel beach. Walkers can stroll through the olive groves that surround the town, where some trees are over 700 years old. Bikes and scooters can be hired for explorations further afield.

The donkey race is part of the cultural festival that takes place from Friday to Sunday, usually over the first weekend of August. This includes concerts and sporting events such as tug of war, sack races and scooter races, culminating in the donkey race around town on the Sunday.

To round off the event, a local band stands in the harbour’s waters for a few final tunes. (And they say the English are eccentric)!

Provisions are available from several food stores. There are several restaurants and bars, a post office and a cash machine.

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