Luka (Zut)

Zut: Sunset over the bay

Zut: Sunset over the bay

Zut is the second largest island in the Kornati archipelago, and the largest uninhabited island in Croatia. Most visitors arrive on yacht charters – the island has no ferry service. There are several anchorages around the island and a marina at Pod Ražanj, but most charter yachts head for the ACI Marina at Luka Zut, a large bay on the north east coast.

The main attractions are a couple of restaurants in the south part of the bay. The Sandra, sandwiched between the ACI Marina and Festa Restaurant, specialises in fish and crustacean dishes caught locally by the proprietor. I can’t find anyone who has a bad word to say about it, though as with all fish restaurants in the Med, I’d check the prices before ordering.

The Festa by contrast gets distinctly mixed reviews with criticism of the service, the food and the price – so just about everything bar the hygiene and the ambiance!

For those not seeking a top end dining experience, the marina restaurant is absolutely fine and there is also a mini market there.

And that’s about it. There are no roads as there’s no-where particular to go and no cars. The few summer inhabitants are restaurant staff, the odd fisherman, and visitors to a couple of holiday cottages. Zut is hell on earth for adrenaline junkies – other than dining there’s nothing to do but walking, or swimming. But if you want to take in some nature, it’s a good place to spend a night on your bareboat charter.

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