Sibenik: The town and quay, overlooked by the fort

Sibenik: The town and quay, overlooked by the fort

The county town of Sibenik is the oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic coast (as opposed to the many settlements in Croatia founded by assorted invaders). It was once the country’s capital.

This historic town retains many old buildings and alleys but also offers more current attractions. There are numerous festivals and events through the season to augment the permanent attractions.

An excellent natural harbour, the town has been heavily fought over through the years as evidenced by the four forts. One of these, St Michael’s Fort, will be clearly seen as you approach.

The Venetians set up shop in the 15th Century after a failed attempt a couple of hundred years earlier. They spent the next few hundred years fending off the Ottomans until the city became part of the Hapsburg Empire in 1897. More recently, the city survived heavy attack from Serbian forces in 1995.

Sibenik: The Cathedral of St James (Sv. Jakova)

Sibenik: The Cathedral of St James (Sv. Jakova)

As well as the forts and well preserved town walls, there are a number of fine churches. Most prominent is the Cathedral of St Nicholas.Those with a horticultural bent will enjoy the Medieval Garden at St Lawrence’s Monastery.

For a diversion for the youngsters, there’s a small aquarium in town and a falconry centre about 5 miles away. Of more interest to the adults are the City Museum and several galleries.

Sibenik does have an artificial town beach, though I’m not sure I’d fancy swimming in the well churned waters near town. If you’re missing your daily swim, take a bus out to the coast where there are several far better options.

The town has all the facilities you could need on your yacht charter with a good range of shops, medical and dental centres and banks. You’ve a choice of moorings; the town quay is handy for the centre but rather unprotected from swell. Further from twon but offering a better nights sleep is the marina at the east end of the channel.

For lots more information about Sibenik, check the city’s website, and the comprehensive free pocket guide here; 

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