Directions to Corinth

From Athens Airport to Corinth

Corinth is easy to get to by the Athens Suburban Railway, with just one change in Athens. It’s an hourly service from around 05:00 to 22:00. For the latest timetables see the operator’s website:

The fare through to Corinth is 12€ (in 2019). The total journey time is around 2 hours.

At the airport, trains share the station with the Metro. Metro and Suburban trains are on opposite platforms but it’s all clearly signed in English. You want a train to Piraeus, not to Ano Liosia.

You will need to change trains at Kato Acharnai, on to a train bound for Kiato. Be aware that under the current timetable you don’t get long to change, otherwise you’ve an hours wait for the next train.

If that’s all too difficult, the yacht operator offers transfers by road from £30 per person one way. Journey time is about an hour and a quarter.

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