Loryma / Bozukkale / Bozuk Buku

Loryma: Ruins of the Citadel at the mouth of the bay

Loryma: Ruins of the Citadel at the mouth of the bay

The barren bay of Loryma is a fantastic natural harbour. The ruins of the Citadel that look out across the harbour attest to it’s naval past and there is documentation of settlements here going back to Roman times. In fact recent excavations suggest that there was habitation here 3000 years ago.

The bay is sufficiently large to support not one but three restaurants (and a fourth that occasionally emerges). That’s about it though! With no road access and no main electricity or water, everything has to be brought in or taken away by boat.  There are toilets ashore but don’t expect showers. Provisions are limited  to local bread cooked daily in stone ovens.

For those with the energy, a walk up to the Citadel is rewarded with some great views. There are also some ruins along the shoreline and if you’re moored at the far end of the bay (from where it’s a fair hike to the Citadel), there are the remains of a village behind the restaurant.

Where ever you’re walking wear some good shoes and I suggest you leave it until later in the day when the sun is less fearsome.

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