Orhaniye / Keci Buku

Orhaniye: Yachts anchored south of Keci Buku island

Orhaniye: Yachts anchored south of Keci Buku island

This large bay has become a base for several charter companies, encouraged by the development of the marina. For marina-phobics there are several other restaurants with their own quays clustered at the end of the bay.

The cost of using the marina has resulted in a number of the charter companies basing themselves at the restaurants so these quays can be busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you’re starting your charter in Orhaniye, make sure you know where your company is based – it’s a long walk from the marina to the restaurants if you get dropped off at the wrong place.

Despite the name, neither the marina or the restaurants are close to the village of Orhaniye itself so facilities are more limited than at many charter bases. However, provisions are available both at the marina and at the mini market near the restaurants. Showers are also available at both locations.

There is an ATM in the Marina but for those departing from or stopping at the restaurant quays at the south end of the bay, there is also an ATM in the restaurant at the Palmiye Hotel.

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