Tomb Bay

So called because of the tombs cut in the hillside overlooking the bay. You can take a walk up the hill to see the tombs at close quarter, an experience you may find yourself sharing with the local goats.

The bays’s other claim to fame is the excellent barber who also provides first rate massages without the wandering hand problems which seem to afflict some of the other local practitioners. He insists his name is Berber; I did after many visits finally discover his real name but it’s lost in the mists of time.

For any gents fancying a traditional cut throat razor shave I would recommend him, and visitors of either sex will enjoy his massages.

There are two restaurants at Tomb Bay. The Likya (previously called Nomad) is below the rock tombs and has showers (indoor and outside). The Zeytin (Olive) restaurant also has showers, and for a small charge can provide water and electricity, though only in the evenings.

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