Pronounced chiff-lick, this bay contains several restaurants spread along the pebbled beach, along with a gift shop (in a tent) and basic provisions. For a short while, it also offered free drinks at the all inclusive resort in one corner until the staff got wise and started more diligently checking for wrist bands!

Ciftlik: The beach

Ciftlik: The beach

In usual Turkish style, the restaurants provide the quays so you’re expected to eat where you moor. At the south corner, the boutique style hotel has had mixed fortunes as plans to build extensive accommodation at the rear seem to have come to nought. I’ve not been in for a view years but it used to provide a more western menu albeit a bit more expensive than the other options around the bay. However, use of the pool and bar area is free and live music is sometimes on offer.

At the north end, the Green Platan Club, though all inclusive is open to diners, although use of the other facilities is charged.

Between these two options, in the centre of the beach there are a couple of Turkish restaurants. They’re not the prettiest places but there’s a good selection of food on offer with the chance to pick from the fridge so you can see what you’re getting.

The beach is not a bad place to relax though can get a bit busy in high season during the day when the trip boats are in. Water sports are sometimes available.

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