Saronic: Moorings

When approaching a new port, you can never have too much information! Listed alphabetically below you will find information for the popular destinations in the Saronic. Click on each entry for full details. If you prefer to see  the full details for each port on a single page, click here.

  • Mooring: Aegina Getting to Aegina is easy – you can see the ferries and hydrofoils going in and out (beware hydrofoils reversing out of the harbour) and the reddy orange cupola is also very visible.  If coming from the south beware the reef that runs across to Angistri.  There’s a big gap but you will need to ... Read more
  • Mooring: Astros / Astrous Coming from the north you won’t see the town until you round the headland.  It’s much easier to find from the south though confusingly from a distance it looks like an island. Closer in you will be able to make out the castle and breakwater. The sea tends to build up as the Argolic Gulf narrows ... Read more
  • Mooring: Athens Kalamaki The marina is not easy to see from the sea, but as you approach look out for the vast number of masts. Keep clear of the reef about a mile south east of the entrance which extends from Ay Kosmas. Many of the berths are allocated to the charter companies so unless your company has berths ... Read more
  • Mooring: Epidavros There are in fact two Epidavros’s (or should that be Epidavri) – you want Palaia (old) Epidavros, not Nea (new) Epidavros. To add to the confusion you may also find the name spelt Ephidavros, Ephidvaro, Epidauro or Epidaurus.  So make sure you go to the right place. The bay is not easy to spot from a ... Read more
  • Mooring: Ermioni Ermioni is hard to miss – just follow the coast west and the tip of the peninsula will appear, often looking initially like an island. The choice is then whether to moor on the north side or the south, a decision that often depends on the weather, though may also be influenced one way or the ... Read more
  • Mooring: Hydra The harbour can be hard to spot from a distance, especially if travelling along the coast, as it is well recessed in to the coastline. Look out for the many yachts, ferries and other vessels heading in to and out of the port. Hydrofoils and fast catamarans berth on the quay just inside the harbour entrance ... Read more
  • Mooring: Kiparissi There are several mooring options in this large bay.  The obvious spot is on the jetty that was previously used by the ferries.  You can go side to on either side or bows or stern to off the end. There is another pier at the north end of the bay where you can go bows or ... Read more
  • Mooring: Korfos The bay is fairly easy to find.  Beware the large reef off Ak Trelli, a mile or so east of Korfos.  The reef extends further than is immediately obvious, especially if the sea is a bit choppy. The restaurateurs will hail you as you approach the village, usually waving their mooring lines in their hand, though as the season ... Read more
  • Mooring: Monemvasia The rock is, unsurprisingly, not hard to spot. There are three mooring options, on the north jetty, in the “marina” south of the fisherman’s harbour, or anchored just south of the causeway. The “marina” was going to be the solution to the lack of mooring space and did briefly extend to providing a couple of pontoons, ... Read more
  • Mooring: Nafplion It’s usually a good sail up to Nafplion with the wind funnelling up the Argolic Gulf, though as the seaway narrows there can be a bit of a chop. Nafplion itself is hard to miss.  Head in to the bay observing the port mark and keeping south of Bourtzi Fortress. Generally yachts moor stern to on ... Read more
  • Mooring: Perdika As with most Greek harbours, local boats occupy most of the space on the inside of the breakwater and the two quays.  The seaward side of the breakwater is unusable for all but very large yachts due to the depths, so most yachts end up on the seaward side of the two quays. These berths are vulnerable to wash from ... Read more
  • Mooring: Plaka / Leonidion If you’re coming from the east, it can be hard to make out the harbour, especially as the sun lowers in the west.  Look out for the flat topped mountain and head slightly south of that and eventually you will see a telephone mast high on top the hill, or the bright blue hotel. If coming ... Read more
  • Mooring: Poros Poros is separated from the mainland by a channel a few hundred metres across with a shallow area at the South East end. The town can therefore be approached from the east, keeping north of the rocks just west of fortress island of Nisos Bourtzi, or from the west. Generally, if you’ve been cruising south ... Read more
  • Mooring: Sambateki / Sabateki The harbour is about half way between Tiros and Plaka.  Coming from the east it will be hard to make out – head for the left edge of the flat topped mountain and you’ll be close.  Lying immediately south of a headland, it’s easier to find if you’re heading up the coast but not visible ... Read more
  • Mooring: Tiros The bay is easily found, lying just north of Ak. Tiros which has three windmills on the top. The quay is at the south end of the bay, just north of the headland. Coming from the north it can be hard to make out the harbour but just keep heading south down the bay and ... Read more
  • Mooring: Vathi The harbour breakwater is easily spotted as you head south down the side of the Methana peninsula. Contrary to first appearances, the entrance is at the south end of the breakwater where there’s a white post, not at the north end. Keep to the middle of the entrance as it’s shallow at the sides. There’s not ... Read more
  • Mooring: Vivari / Khaidhari The entrance to the bay is not easy to make out but you will eventually make out the ruins of a fort on the west side of the entrance. The small stub jetty is in the top north west corner of the bay but is often largely occupied by local boats.  Even if it’s quiet, ... Read more
  • Mooring: Yerakas Details coming soon but here’s a picture of this pretty village Read more