Porto Petro

Porto Petro is a delightful series of picturesque bays with a small marina tucked into the northwest arm of one of the northern inlets. Surrounded by trees and sympathetically built tourist developments, Porto Petro is a wonderful place to add to your sailing holiday list of places to stop for the night. There is a great range of good quality restaurants and bars here but a limited number of regular shops. The small supermarket near the marina is fairly pricey but has enough for most people to stock up on essentials and sells fresh bread.

Although Porto Petro Marina is small, it has been well constructed and has a high standard of facilities. Like most marinas on Mallorca the prices are high (65€ for a 10.9m boat low season 2015) and water will cost you extra (approximately 10€ 2015). Water quality here can be variable and like many places on Mallorca tends towards salty during the high season so ask before filling your tank. (However, be aware that the locals seem to have a higher tolerance for the saline water than foreigners!) The marina has a small laundry and wifi is free. Note that the wifi is time dependant and cannot be saved up. I.e. if you have two hours, you have to use the two hours in a single session or go back and get another code.

On the approaches to the marina in Cala dels Mats (to starboard as you enter the main bay) there is a mooring field in the summer. This used to be part of the Poseidon Weed Protection programme to safeguard this dwindling species of seaweed but now the buoys are managed by the marina staff. Often a member of staff will assist you to pick up your buoy choice. There is a charge for these buoys and it varies according to length. 2015 prices were 25€ for less than 11m, 30€ 11-13m, 40€ 13-15m and so on. If you want to use the marinas onshore facilities it will cost you 10€ for the use of the showers and toilets. Rubbish disposal is free.

In strong southerlies an unpleasant swell can penetrate into the bay and make life uncomfortable on the buoys. In such weather the best option is to spare no expense and head into the marina.

If you want to save your money for the scrumptious restaurants in town, you can anchor in the other bays for free, however, swimming buoys do restrict possibilities in some cases. Try and find a sandy patch where feasible.

There are a couple of lovely sand beaches to drop off the kids (big and small!) and these can be accessed by dingy or land. There are also some nice walks in the area and a series of tiny tourist road trains (“petit train”) run between Cala d’Or, Porto Petro and Cala Mondrago if you fancy a change of scenery.


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