Cala Formentor / Cala Pino

Cala Formentor / Cala Pino is a large bay well protected on its eastern side by Isla de Formentor. Ringed with hotels, bars and restaurants and buzzing with jet skis and speedboats, this once a popular anchorage is now almost entirely taken up by buoys. However, it still a pleasant enough corner of Mallorca to moor your yacht and spend the day or night.

There are four different coloured buoys available. Red = less than 12m, Green = 12 – 15m, yellow = 15m + and white ones are for superyachts. Usually you will be approached by a dingy as you enter the bay and directed to an appropriate buoy. One night costs approximately 30€ for a 12m yacht (2013).

Access to anything other than the beach and associated beach bars etc. is limited ashore and there are no shops for resupplying.

Note: In Cala Formentor you are expected to vacate your buoy by 12 noon after spending the night no matter what time you picked it up the night before. In contrast when you pay for a Poseidon Weed Protection Buoy (if there are any left!) you are paying for a 24hr period.

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