Palma Nova

Palma Nova is a popular yacht anchorage on the western side of the Bay of Palma. Although often overlooked due to its silted harbour Palma Nova is, however, a lively place to drop the anchor and watch the world whizz by. If you need to provision Palma Nova make a good alternative to the congested and pricey main town of Palma.

Although Palma Nova is right next to the infamous resort area of Magaluf it manages to retain a local feel and makes a pleasant change from the usual tourist fare.
Leave your dingy in the little Club Nautico located in the harbour and you will find the streets behind are a good mix of tourist and local establishments. Please check with the staff before leaving you dingy in case they need to move it for any reason. At night the place comes alive for the passeggiata. There are some excellent restaurants doted around the waterfront but if you fancy a meal on board there are several large supermarkets close by including a Lidl. The Club Nautico sells ice.

The anchorage here extends for many tens of sandy metres south of the harbour so there is plenty of room and scope to choose your favoured position. However, I would recommend that you make sure your anchor is well in as sometimes the sand is only a thin layer over the true bottom which is rock.

This is also a great spot for checking out, and getting involved in, the latest in water sport activities. When I was here it was a mere (!) 6500€ to buy a pair of water jet boots but, rather surprisingly, there was still a steady procession of people attempting Ironman-like feats even at these prices. All this frenetic activity does  mean you can become the centre of attention for banana boat drivers and a turning point for the donut ride. Thankfully these pursuits cease at night leaving you only to contend with ferry and superyacht wash from which, unfortunately, no bays in this area are safe.

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