Isla Aucanada / Isla de Alcanada

Isla Aucanada / Isla de Alcanada is a small islet directly east of Alcudia. This is a good anchorage; well-liked by both locals and charter sailors. However, the bay is best approached from the south or west due to a rocky reef connecting the islet to the shore. Isla Aucanada is an excellent place to while away the afternoon before heading into Alcudia for a touch of nightlife.

Thankfully the clear water allows you to pick your way into the shallows and you can anchor in the lee of Isla Aucanada. The islet  provides protection from southerly chop and swell. Holding can be patchy with a mix of good sand, rock and weed; choose you spot carefully if you are planning on spending a long time here.

Ashore there are a couple bars/cafes but on the whole this is not a touristy area and pleasantly understated. You can walk east along a coastal path which peters out after about 40 minutes or west into Alcudia itself.

There is good snorkelling to be had around the fringe of Isla Aucanada and within the shallow patch that connects it to Mallorca.

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