Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana is an extremely beautiful cala (bay) a few nautical miles south of Porto Colom. The entrance to the bay is easily spotted by the flagpole erected on the northern side of the entrance. Flag up means the owner is home and if it is down, it will be just you and the staff.

Cala Mitjana: Cala Mitjana: Not much space but a lovely spot

Cala Mitjana: Not much space but a lovely spot

Cala Mitjana is a fabulous bay to anchor your charter yacht in for lunch or with a little extra effort to spend the night. Three narrow inlets intersect to form the whole cala. As the land around the coast here is privately owned, Cala Mitjana is delightfully quirky feel to it. There is a wonderfully park-like aspect (including some lovely sculptures) in its northern bay and a wild undeveloped feel in the other two.

The northern bay (immediately to starboard when you enter) has the best protection and is the easiest to anchor in due to shallower depths and a sandy bottom. However, the bay is narrower than you imagine so have a plan and get organised before entering the cove.

If you just intend to stay for lunch you might get away with “free” anchoring but deploy your fenders as Cala Mitjana is very popular with the locals and they are not afraid to play bumper boats in return for an afternoon of sunshine. If you want to stay overnight my advice is to have a longline ready and back down the bay.

Once you have dropped your anchor tie yourself to the rocky shore on either the east or west side. It stays deep to within a very short distance of the rocky shores so you can get reasonably close. There are some mooring bollards and rings dotted about on both sides of the cala so it’s just a matter of finding something solid to tie to.

Cala Mitjana: You can get close in to the shore

Cala Mitjana: You can get close in to the shore

On the western side of the bay there is a small jetty with good depths alongside. However, this would appear to belong to the main house so whether it is available for use is debatable; it probably depends on how cheeky you are feeling!

Just past the jetty towards the head of the bay, on the western side, there is a tiny kink in the bay which has good anchoring depths and an excellent sand bottom. Unfortunately this area is usually taken up with small local boats but if there are none in residence, this is the prime spot to longline back into. The beach at the head of the bay is protected by swimming buoys which unfortunately impinges on swinging room further in.

Cala Mitjana does suffer from a reverberating swell when the wind drops at night, even if a northerly has been blowing. If you want to stay overnight go as far into the cala as possible, arrange your yacht to have its bow pointing out of the bay and tie to the western side to lessen the impact of this phenomenon.

There are no bars, restaurants or other facilities in this bay. From the tiny sandy beach that occupies the head of the northern bay of Cala Mitjana a track leads through landscaped gardens and fields to a country road. This road in turn allows walkers access to the noisier and beach bar bedecked calas of Serena, Ferrera and Esmeralda to the south. Even though the land around the bay is privately owned you are still entitled under Spanish law use and walk around the coastline.

Please note this beach is very popular with nudists and jellyfish; often a highly entertaining combination!

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