Cala Molto & Cala Guya

Cala Molto and Cala Guya are two bays separated by the tiny point of Punta Aguilla. These are two lovely coves. Cala Molto is particularly delightful. Tranquil and serene, locals love to anchor here and chill out for the afternoon. Cala Guya on the other hand is the more brazen of the two with a long sandy beach, plenty of beach bars, hotels and night time concerts that will have your ear ringing long after the sun rises again! The beauty of this is you can anchor in one and enjoy the other easily, no matter what your tastes may be.

Anchoring in these bays is easy as the water is clear and the bottom mostly sand. Keep a weather eye out for the pipeline in Cala Molto. I never spotted it but keep in mind its supposed position when anchoring in the middle of the bay. Cala Molto is the more popular bay with those wanting to overnight as it affords better protection from the underlying swell that can be irritating along this coast.

It is better to think of self-catering when using these bays as there are no facilities in Cala Molto and limited opportunities to buy supplies in Cala Guya. There are a few cafes and restaurants at the southern end of Cala Guya but not all of these stay open in the evening.

The wooded area surrounding the two bays is crisscrossed with tracks and trails and makes for some very pleasant walking. The local horse riding centre also offers trail rides.

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