Porto Colom

Porto Colom is one of the best protected bays on the east coast of Mallorca and, therefore, can be very busy with flotillas and charter yachts. While not the most picturesque of places, Porto Colom is large enough to accommodate a vast number of yachts. The surrounding town is lovely mix of low key tourist ventures and laidback local hangouts. If the incessant nightly roll, common to a lot of Mallorca bays, is getting to you or a big storm is brewing head to Porto Colom for a good night’s sleep.

Porto Colom has undergone a number of changes in the last few years and one of these is that space for anchoring has become restricted. Legally there are only two places left to anchor. One is off the beach at Arenal Gran (to starboard as you enter the bay) and the other is immediately behind Punta de sa Bateria (directly to port as you enter the bay) Anchoring at Arenal Gran if supposed to be for 24 hours only but it depends on how diligent the port authorities are being. Anchoring behind Pta de sa Bateria must be outside the now very large mooring field. Anchoring is no longer allowed opposite the main port.

If you prefer to pick up a buoy you will find that the red Club Nautico buoys are reasonable value for money (27€ for a 12m yacht in August 2015). The buoy fields are located to port; between the entrance and the floating pontoon, and to starboard; opposite the main harbour. Usually a small rib will assist you to pick one up and collect the money. The Club Nautico offers “pay as you go” wifi which is strong enough to be used on the buoys. Water was included in the price of the buoys in 2015. The fresh water is available at the floating pontoon but the quality can be questionable and more toward the salty end of the spectrum. Likewise water is available on the port authority quay but again taste it before parting with your euros.

Further into the bay there is a floating pontoon run by Club Nautico which has power and water connected. This is the most popular place for visiting yachts to go and there is usually plenty of space if you come in reasonably early in the evening. If there is no room you can try and find space in the town harbour or at the permanent Club Nautico facility. These are located at the head of the bay but are usually full of local yachts. When manoeuvring near the harbours take note of the buoyed channels as things can get shallow very quickly if you stray outside the dredged areas!

Porto Colom has a range of restaurants and bars with the more glamourous ones being located near the harbour. For a more local feel, take a walk to an older area of town at La Colonia, (northeast of the harbour). Here you will find some more typically Mallorcan style fare. This is an interesting and quirky area to walk around and the tiny shallow harbour in Cala Camp Roig is a very pleasant place to take a stroll while working up an appetite. At the head of the shallow bay of Ensenada de la Basa Nova, (southwest of the harbour), there are number of cheap eateries and a good Chinese restaurant. To find the two big supermarkets you will also need to walk around to the zone; head inland and uphill. Some provisions are available in Porto Colom be the variety is limited and costs slightly higher. Near the big supermarkets there are a number of other “normal” shops including a pharmacy.

If you fancy a swim here and don’t like the colour of the harbour water it is only a short walk to Calas Marsel and d’en Manuell. There are a number of bars, restaurants and hotels in the vicinity of these beaches. You will also find a number of other tourist shops and car rental places dotted about this area.

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