Sa Rapita / La Rapita

La Rapita is a large marina adjacent to the resort village Sa Rapita and one of the best beaches in Mallorca (Playa del Trench). Miles of endless sand will appeal to any sun worshipper but be warned large sections of the beach are reserved for nudists.

This is not a glamourous area of Mallorca but the marina is very popular and the staff friendly all of which makes this a pleasant place to visit and a welcome change from anchoring. With room for over 400 yachts, La Rapita Marina has all the usual facilities plus free wifi; if it is operational! Due to its popularity with flotillas of yachts, and because of its handy position in relation to Cabrera Islands, this marina can be rather expensive during the summer months. 85€ per night for a 12.4m boat (2013). If you want a convenient berth with walk ashore access get in early to avoid being rafted off. Water is available here but the quality can be dubious and tends to be salty. Ask a marinero before committing yourself to a full tank of expensive and potentially brackish water.

During strong southerlies the marina is subject to severe, rope snapping surges and is best avoided.

As I said, Sa Rapita is not an overdeveloped tourist area. The somewhat characterless town behind the marina stretches along the coast in a haphazard but somehow charming way. Although shops for foodstuffs are few and far between restaurants are plentiful, as are bars. More extensive shopping can be found in Campos town 10kms away. Campos can be reached by bus or taxi.

The marina staff at La Rapita are able to help with obtaining permits to visit the nearby Cabrera Islands. The beautiful Cabrera Islands have national park status. Buoys for the bays on the Cabrera Islands must be reserved online ahead of time. This is a long and complex procedure best carried out by your charter company or someone who has experience with the online system otherwise it can be very frustrating!

It is possible to anchor off both Playa de Sa Rapita and Playa del Trench in settled weather. Approach both anchorages with caution as sand banks shift with each storm and the shallows extend some distance out from both beaches.

Good anchorages can be found at the southern end of Playa del Trench between Isla Gabina and Isla Redona. Large patches of deep sand accumulate here and the depths are greater closer in than elsewhere in the area. Holding is excellent; in thick volcanic sand. However, don’t be surprised if your anchor and chain come up somewhat more tarnished than when you last saw it. Any discolouration is due to the acidic nature of the sea bed. Like a lot of Mallorca these bays can be subject to a lazy swell once the wind drops at night. Beach bars and cafes dot the beaches at regular intervals but check they stay open at night if you are relying on them for supper.

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