About the maps

Key to Maps

Anchorage, may have mooring buoys. (Only a selection are shown. You'll find lots more)

Bay with a jetty (or two), with either limited space or more often limited facilities ashore. Often has anchorage.

Charter base.

Harbour, may have toilets & showers, or these may be nearby (eg municipal facilities or in a restaurant or hotel).

Marina, usually with facilities such as toilets, showers, mini market, ATM, bar, restaurant.

Route lines

Flotilla and bareboat itinerary maps show route lines. On newer maps (which show the cursor latitude and longitude top right), green lines indicate flotilla Free Sailing days, all other lines being blue.

On other maps, the line colour has no significance.

Using the maps

Click the place bubbles for links that will take you to more about each place, and associated photo galleries.

Drag the maps to see places outside the initial window. Zoom in to see more detail. Your cursor position is show as a latitude and longitude top right.

On flotilla and bareboat itinerary maps, click the route lines for distances. The are shortest distances. The route lines shown are not the shortest distances but are placed for visual clarity.

And it goes without saying (I hope) – not to be used for navigation!

Route Grades


Suitable for beginners. Winds typically F2-4, simple navigation, shorter passage lengths, typically 2-3 hours.


May have spells of up F5 winds and/or occassional lumpy seas. Less experience sailors will manage but might enjoy easier routes more. Good for your second or third holiday.

Harder / windy

Winds up to F6/7, some longer passages including less sheltered areas where the sea state may build up, Good for more experienced sailors.

More Information

For more general information about a  country or area, head for the Sailing Areas section.

For the latest prices and choice of yachts see the Flotilla prices for flotillas and Live Availability and Prices for almost everything else.

Want to contribute?

I try hard to keep everything correct and up to date but I always welcome feedback and pictures. Sorry I can’t pay but if you’re a charterer I’ll try extra hard to find you that special deal when next you book and if you’re not, you’ll be giving a little back to your fellow sailors. Get in touch.