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    Milos, like Santorini is a volcanic island and it still bubbles with hot sulphur springs and quivers occasionally. Often overlooked by tourists, Milos is a pretty, laidback island; friendly and relaxed. Also few people realise that the island has a fascinating geological and archaeological history. A night on the quay at Adamas/Adamantas makes a more than pleasant addition to your flotilla, bareboat or charter cabin sailing holiday itinerary.

    Adamas / Adamantas, the main port on Milos, lies in the sunken centre of the old volcano. Mooring is not usually possible in the more sheltered trip boat harbour so there can be some ferry wash and chop to cope with. A sign on the quay warns of this surge and it pays to follow the advice of the sign and friendly harbour master. Drop a good amount of anchor chain and make sure your anchor is well in before settling down as far off the quay as possible. Power and water is available. Berthing is about 8€ plus another 9€ per night for a 10.3m yacht 2015). Occasionally mooring lazy lines are available.

    [stextbox id “Choices” caption= “Sailing Choices Top Tip” float=”true” align=”right” width=”250″ mright=0 mleft=15] From past experience: If any sort of decent southerly is forecast (15 knots and above)move to the other side of the bay and anchor under the wind turbines for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Or another, and prettier, option is to move round to Pollonia on the northern side of Milos. Even if a southerly isn’t forecast, a stiff afternoon breeze can sometimes spring up here and make getting back to your yacht a refreshing trip as water slops over the quay! [/stextbox]

    If by some miracle there is space in the inner harbour proceed with caution. The depths are shallow and uneven and there are several large mooring blocks to avoid.

    Ashore there are many excellent restaurants to choose from and provisioning is easy. Milos is a fairly fertile island and the fresh fruit and vegetables tends to be of a high standard.

    There are approximately 70 beaches on Milos but around the main bay of Ormos Milou they are not that brilliant. Programme in a swim stop before entering the harbour if the crew needs a dip. The bay of Manolonisi (on Nisos Poliagos) makes a very pleasant choice for such an activity. You can longline back to the shore and tie to bollards carved out of the natural rock for added security if you wish.

    For a pre-dinner meander you may want to visit the charming old town of Milos Chora approximately 2 kilometres away, above the Mykonos-like seafront town of Klima. Naturally, for this area, it is an uphill walk but the views from the top over the harbour are worth the effort. There are a number of roman and Minoan ruins and relics dotted about and it was around this area that the famous statue named “Venus de Milo” was found; or should that be the “Aphrodite tou Milos” seeing as she was carved during Greek rule rather than Roman! This armless beauty was inadvertently happened upon by a local farmer in the late 19th Century and after much argy bargy between the Ottomans and French she now resides in the Louvre in Paris.

    Mining is a way of life on Milos and as you arrive you can see various islets being whittled down for their mineral content. Bentonite, perlite, kaolin and pozzolana are the prey of choice for strip and open cast mines. In the days of the Romans sulfur was excavated and during the Neolithic period obsidian from Milos was traded throughout the Mediterranean. There is an interesting museum dedicated to the mining activities of the area in Adamas.

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