Bozburun Channel

Bozburun channel anchorage

Bozburun channel anchorage

As you head up the channel towards the town of Bozburun, there are a couple of mooring options. At the southern end, on the east side is the Hotel Aphrodite which has it’s own jetty. A long wooden terrace provides a sunbathing platform and a dining area for the restaurant.

On the west side is an anchorage which offers a pleasant final swim stop before you head in to Bozburun, or an overnight option for those are happy to dine on board (or you could dinghy over to the Aphrodite).

Behind the anchorage is a tempting passage for those heading north or west from Bozburun. We did manage to take a 32 ft yacht through here some 20 years ago so unless it’s silted up it is possible. However, despite only doing about half a knot on a flat calm day, with someone on the bow directing, we still touched the bottom at several points.

We did take pilotage notes for future reference but these were of the form “line up the abandoned pink plimsol with the leaning tree stump and hang a right when the two bushes are in transit”. So definitely not a recommended route for your Bozburun yacht charter, (especially as many charter companies now check keels for damage at checkout)!

This was of course only done for safety reasons and paid off a few weeks later when we had to go and rescue one of our flotilla yachts in double quick time. Our passage under sail a few weeks later was of course a navigational error by the skipper!

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