Bencik Koyu

Bencik Koyu is a long narrow inlet on the north side of the Hisaronu Gulf. It offers excellent shelter and is an ideal spot for those fancying a night at anchor. The inlet is lined with pines and quite scenic the the water may not be quite as clear as you’ve seen elsewhere.

There are several suitable anchoring places on the west side as you head up to the small bay at the end. You’ll probably need to take a line ashore. There are no restaurants ashore so make sure you arrive with something for dinner.

Bencik Koyu was one rumoured to be home to the odd shark. The alleged attraction was the warm water apparently emanating from an industrial facility further up river. If true, the sharks are about as secretive as the Loch Ness Monster. However, sightings are even rarer so I wouldn’t worry. Keep your eyes peeled though, you might see the odd turtle.


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